If you are asking yourself the question that, why you should go for window shutters from Larf Window Roller Shutters, then
below are five main reasons that makes our rollers shutters the best from all the other companies:


Everybody needs a little security and privacy from vandalism or from neighbours and passerby peeking into your house. Our roller shutters are fitted closely to the window or door, which makes it quite difficult to pull them out. They are operated from inside so no one can open them from inside.

Temperature Control

All our roller shutters are insulated with polyurethane, which prevents heat from leaving or entering the house. In summers, 90% of heat can be stopped and 70% of the cold can be kept out, if you have our roller shutters installed over the windows of your house. Not only will you live comfortably in any kind of weather, you will all save money on energy bills by letting the sunlight and fresh air in the house during the daytime and shutting off the lights and air conditioning system.

Noise Reduction

Yes, you read it correct! No more chirping birds or annoying neighbours disrupting the peace of your house. Our roller shutters help you to enjoy a quiet sleep on Sundays. No more disturbances in between your movie marathons on weekends or during your football game. With a stable temperature, and quieter environment, children can nap peacefully, shift workers can enjoy a nice day and people with sleeping problems can sleep heavily.


The best option of a roller shutter is that it allows you to control the amount of light entering your room. With a simple flick of the blinds, you can either let a small amount of light in, giving your room that glimmering ambience or completely close them for darkness.

Weather Protection

Last but not the least, our roller shutters have a strong body, which will protect your windows and doors in any weather. In harsh weather, whether it be strong winds or a terrible rainy day, in any condition you can feel secure because once the shutter is down, it will do damage control by stoping debris and branches from coming in and protect everything that is inside.

Now you know how wondrous and multipurpose roller shutters at Larf Window Roller Shutters are, so call us now and request a free quote. If you have any queries regarding installation process or how long will it take us to install our roller shutters, then feel free to drop by our office or you can even email us