Roller Shutter Repairs

Does your new house have broken shutters? Are you living in a house, where your current roller shutters are impaired? We proudly announce that we have a solution to your problem. At Larf Window Roller Shutters, we offer a service under Roller Shutter Repairs, where repairing your roller shutter is much cheaper than installing a new shutter.

We are the most qualified company that performs roller shutter repairs service. No matter what problem arises with your shutter, you can count on us. Our expert staff will repair your roller shutters at your home and will tell you the cost of their services, and repairs then and there. You can be assured that no matter how dire the situation, the cost of the roller shutter repairs will be low.

At Larf Window Roller Shutters, the roller shutter repairs service includes:

  • Fixing broken cables
  • Fixing manual shutters
  • Fixing electronic shutters
  • Replacing box winder
  • Updating manual shutter to electronic shutter
  • Warranty on used parts and repairs


The roller shutters feature an auto locking system in the shutters pelmet box, which eliminates the windows from being opened or smashed. Once the auto locking is flipped on, the windows cannot be opened, making it difficult for any thief to enter the house.

Blocks Noise

The roller shutters reduce the noise from entering in through the window by 60%. This makes them an insulation barrier that blocks the outside noise.

Blocks Light

Sleep peacefully in the day, as these roller shutters reduce light up to 100%.

Saves Energy

Instead of opening the lights in the morning, roll the shutters up and enjoy a beautiful day without wasting any light energy on bulbs and tube lights.


Keep your house cool in summers and warm in winters. The perforation holes, which are constructed in the roller shutter slat, allow the air to pass through easily.


Once the roller shutters are closed, you will be safe from the prying eyes of your neighbours.

Our repair service starts with a visit, where our experts’ take stock of the damage done to your roller shutters and then they outline the possibilities, which can be applied to repair them. Our cost of the roller shutter repairs are based on the number of repairs that need to be done, not the amount of hours or number of visits our experts put in. Our consultation on the repairs comes free!

Roller Shutter Repairs

The roller shutter repairs are performed on all types of shutters. Whether they are designable, different in shape, manual or electronic, our experts are fully equipped to tackle any kind of situation.

At Larf Window Roller Shutters, the quality and cost of our roller shutter repairs is simply amazing. We are your trusted roller shutter repairs company in Melbourne, and we guarantee you that your roller shutters will remain sturdy for the years to come. Whether a shutter is made of PVC or aluminium, we will repair them. We strive to make roller shutters that are user friendly, and which lock or roll better. So call us now, and speak to one of our experts to know better about repairing your roller shutter.

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