Why Rollershutters?

If you’re shopping around for new window shutters, you’ll love what you get from Larf Window Roller Shutters. Here are five benefits you can expect from the premium roller shutters installed by our professional team:


Every home or shop can benefit from having better security and protection against vandalism (broken windows). And our shutters will also provide more privacy from nosey neighbours and strangers passing by. Because our shutters are strong, durable, and fitted snugly up against your windows, they’ll keep the “unwanted elements” out!

Temperature Control

You’ll find it much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year long with our roller shutters covering your windows. In summertime you’ll especially benefit from the protection over your windows as our shutters will block most of the heat energy that normally passes right through the glass. Not only will you live comfortably in any kind of weather, you will also save money on energy bills by being less reliant on your heating and air conditioning systems.

Noise Reduction

No one wants to be bothered by a noisy street or inconsiderate neighbours. While you can’t always eliminate the cause of the noise, you can still be proactive and install roller shutters to help minimise the sound at it’s primary entry point – your windows. If you’re looking to improve your sleep or just create a more peaceful home environment, we can certainly help by reducing the noise levels with professionally installed roller shutters.


Installing roller shutters from Larf puts you in control. How much light to allow into your home. How much heat energy to let in. How much of your interior is visible to the outside. How protected your shop is after you’ve closed up and gone home for the night.

Weather Protection

In a storm with high winds, you should feel safe inside your own home. But if debris is launched it can crash right through your glass windows and cause real damage. Larf Window Roller Shutters can offer a stronger layer of protection against wind, hail, flying debris, the sun’s UV rays, extreme heat, and more of what Mother Nature throws your way.

Installing high quality roller shutters from Larf offers an array of benefits. Security. Control. A peaceful home environment…just to name a few. Contact us today on 0402 606 425 and speak to a professional about how we can help you enjoy a higher level of protection at your home or business.